This page took me forever to letter because it was hard to figure out how to phrase things. I usually come up with the entire dialogue beforehand and this page was no different, but for some reason, I wasn't satisfied with the dialogue anymore. So I scrapped 80% of it and rephrased a lot. In the end, the contents didn't even change that much, but I think it sounds nicer and more natural now.

Funfact: The original text - not just on this page, but in general - freely talked about a pretty big spoiler regarding a certain issue, but I took that out completely and changed up all the speech bubble contents related to it. So in the end, we have one spoiler less and one big question more.

Also, in case you haven't noticed: Secchan already talked about someone missing in the flashback and Shiori mentions this as well, meaning that after all this time, they still haven't been found. Hmmm.

Comic transcript

Shiori: "...no one got apprehended, I think?"
Taku: "You don't sound awfully certain about that. Does that mean the killer is still on the loose?"
Shiori: "Well, the news reports have been really vague. I guess there was a main suspect, but I never heard anything about them being put on trial. Oh, right... someone went missing that night too and I don't think they've been found yet either."
Taku: "What a mess."
Shiori: "Seriously. Kinda feels like there might be more to the story than just some lunatic killing their friends."

Silence falls over the two as Taku ponders the information he just heard. Shiori curiously eyes him from the side as if waiting for something.

Shiori: "So? What do you think of my amazing memory?"
Taku: "Wow, you really want to be praised, huh?"
Shiori: "S-So what!? Would it kill you to say something nice once in your life!?"
Taku: "Geez, calm down!"
Shiori: "You could really stand to learn a thing or two from Tenshou-sama!"