About Hyoukyo Traitor

Hyoukyo Traitor is the oneshot sequel to Hyoukyo Mirror and Prismanga’s second manga project. While not continuing the story of the mirror, Taku and Kei team up once again to visit the ominous storage room and find old memories of a long disbanded school club which met an unfortunate end. Hyoukyo Traitor takes place in the autumn of 2992 as well, two weeks before the annual cultural festival of Soumei High School in Port Astraea. Yet another spooky story for Halloween, it was started in October 2017 and will hopefully be finished in November 2018.

Please note!

While it's not a strictly required read, you might want to check out Hyoukyo Mirror, because the characters WILL talk a bit about some of the events and you might see some familiar locations and faces.